I am your mirror



look into my eyes

you will see yourself

the one who is long forgotten

other parts of you obscured by life’s trials

you are a woman whole

sumptuous, curvaceous, gorgeous, desirable, beautiful

heart, body, spirit, mind and soul

child bearer

lover too

look into my eyes

and you will see the you I love

the you who has become a part of me

who flows in and out with my breath

who calms and fills my being in tender quiet moments

the woman who makes me cry from utter beauty

the woman who pulls my insides out

the woman who fills my mind and lights my being

the woman whose body owns mine absolute

whose hand fits mine so precise

whose lips, whose mouth, transport me to nirvana


can you imagine what you are

if I see all those things, and so much more

in you

yes, look into my eyes

I am your mirror



(c) 2010











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