Infinite Universe


I was born searching for my star and was offered this galaxy.

It was almost too much to cope with at times.

And me, just the tiniest speck amid this vast gathering.

Way too minute to register on the universal radar.

Insignificant. But, breathing all the same.

My steady lup dup heart mimicking

the pulsing of distant unknown stars.

Protons, electrons and neutrons circling each other.

Repelling, attracting, pinging.

All vying in a game of one-upmanship.

Different formula, same dance moves

conjuring up the next spontaneous combustion.

A big bang, a tiny pop. An apocalypse perhaps.

Every now and then an unexpected turbulence or, a devastation.

Perhaps a sixth dimension intervention.

Exquisite, ephemeral, eternal, ineffable.

I was born searching for my star, was offered this galaxy

and ended up with an infinite universe.


© Copyright 2014 Ajanta Judd







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