Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus (c. 1486)



If, in love’s bitter afterglow you were to spread a sea of jewels at my feet

and once more spray me with emphatic words of love and devotion

Will I succumb to your wanton ways?

Those doe innocent eyes appealing, that elusive chameleon sweetness softly

beckoning me to rise like Venus from the receding waves of torment

No hint of remorse to quell my pain

On your capricious ocean, my brittle shell boat rides the peak of foam without substance,

reeling from the maelstrom of your dark peaks and troughs

That transparent mask you wear

Hurt sluicing through tender veins, battle weary and bruised to the soul, I long for respite

in that shared buoyant womb, momentarily nurtured in a deceptive safe haven

The cruel temptress of my fate

I am flotsam on the ebbing tide swirling back toward the deep swell of your ocean

lured by the charm of glistening moist pools and the promise of fine weather

Duping sensibility, you seduce

Toward the allure of bliss I swim, where once again I will float in the serenity of your harbour, gullible and self satisfying I foolishly trust the transient calm of your seas

Ensnaring me in treachery

A tranquil deception masks the rumble of distant thunder where storm clouds frequent the horizon and waves gather ready to wreak havoc at a moments notice.

Destabilising my existence

Rising to meet the challenge of your dilettante guises, I have been at my peril, unanchored and adrift in a vast unconscious ocean – deep and unplundered

You will no longer tempt me

Adversity implores the netting of wisdom, the high seas challenge an intrepid explorer where once drowning, now embracing the mainstay and sailing for the solitary horizon

I am Aphrodite, I have risen to myself



© Copyright 2010 Ajanta Judd


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