A Million Reasons




Stop dead in my tracks.

Fiona’s at the bar waiting for a client.

Teenage sweethearts we were.

Girls sharing everything. Sitting like old times.

One big difference. She’s well heeled. I’m not.

How come? Woman of the night, she whispers.

Try it Nance, making shitloads.

Wanna retire. Illegal proceeds. Can’t bank any.

Stashed in the shack. Nobody knows.

Remember we went there?

Dinner’s arranged for tomorrow. Her shout.

Sleazy trick arrives. I’m off home. Can’t sleep.

The morning newspaper.

Hooker murdered. Found strangled.

Swallow my shock. Breathe and remember.

Plan a little trip to Mount Buffalo.

A million reasons why.



(c) Ajanta Judd

Image: "Deux femmes au bar" 1902 Pablo Picasso




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