Existence 1

I would like it to be known that there was a mistake made at my birth.
How this came about is, in all probability, an unsolvable mystery. In fact, how I came about at all defies logic or, at least the one or, two dimensional logic which pervades our current civilisations. The process of emergence from one realm to another appears to be an ineffable quandary which has not been at the forefront of human enquiry. As it is less material than energetic in nature, it's elusive, not researchable, nor a scientific truth.
I imagine that this is the way it was intelligently designed because if we knew the process, we would want ultimate control over it and then like many human endeavours, we would without foresight, try to interfere and end up destroying the process.

The desire to control is one of those human limitations that we are to learn, is ultimately futile. Rather, in that game of chance when chromosomes cavort in multiplying cells and the winds of fate bestow their favours upon the unaware, the elements contrived to alter the ascribed path my being was chosen to travel.

Quicker than a nanosecond it seemed,
I was propelled through a portal - the wrong portal. It was a quirk, a manufacturing fault perhaps, a preordained confusion; congestion at the terminus.
In a flash the theme of my wrong life was projected like a short prologue in an historical novel. A rickety vertical  ladder which I was forced to climb.



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