Horse Racing - 2014 Melbourne Cup

Well, Admire Rakti, what have you got to say about all this? If only they knew, if only they knew... You're on your way to the green pastures, herd antics and full speed wild neck and neck races that you love so much in the great beyond. In your free state, you will cavort, play and race to the end of time. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. At least you've got a mate in Araldo going with you. You can compare notes! In the meantime, here on earth, once again we are beset with gross and exaggerated media hype, the cries of opiniated ignoramus's who distort the truth with emotionally based assumptions. Who don't know the facts, who don't possess enough knowledge or insight to make an informed contribution to a balanced debate and who certainly do not have understanding of the intense intimate relationship and bond which develops between a horse and its humans. In the vast majority of cases, these relationships are based on a deep seated love and affinity and not on exploitation or abuse. I would not hesitate to say that the majority of horse/human relationships are more healthy and functional than human/human relationships. And what about the disgraceful behaviour of another ignorant human who repeatedly waved an enormous flag despite being told by security not to. That mindless human act has led to the magnificent Araldo taking fright and succumbing to a catastrophic injury. His trainer devastated and in inconsolable tears. Would you not agree, Admire Rakti and Araldo, that the very same act of human ignorance, emotive recklessness and pig headedness which compromised Araldo's well being and sealed his fate is the exact same behaviour which is fuelling the negative, unbalanced backlash currently being voiced by humans whose mindset is akin to the same mentality?



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