The Whiteness

And there you were

dressed in your most brilliant white

So bright that my consciousness

wanted to shoot through the crown of my head

in its urgency to greet you

And as things came to pass

it settled for embodiment and

a merging heat of such intensity

that I could hardly contain it

And all the while

your towering brilliance

reigned and rained over me and through me

magnificent, expanded and divine

A magnitude of which was

nearly impossible to bear

So I sought to touch the earth

for fear that I might spin out into oblivion

toward your realm from which I may never return

And would that be such a bad thing?

I heard you say in your beguiling manner

Worthy of consideration I surmised

And we both knew that it was just that old rascal fear

Making himself known

but even he was blown away by your whiteness


© Copyright 2011 Ajanta


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