In your glory (w)hole galaxies swirled in molecular ecstasy

whilst I lay trapped and suspende(re)d in your exotic hanging gardens

where flesh shone dripping acid upon brown stalagmite nipples

and I lay so C(o)unt(er) struck helpless and seduced by a breathless gay deceiver

whose black hair shone in the charged electric darkness

her moist luscious lips singing me in with treacled adulations and trembling sighs

such as the siren’s sung when Ulysses’ ship sailed past the temptress’ rocks

where many entranced and enchanted succumbed to their peril

I’ve been a sucker for a budding succulent plant an unsuspecting succourer

(to a lost busty succubus) dancing behind the pied temptress through a wonderland

Unaware of the leeches hiding in her garden hungry for loves juice

they would suck their fill and cast me gasping aside to be trampled in the undergrowth


© Copyright Ajanta 2011

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