What Lies Between

When you say leap oh glorious wonder

Arms wide, head facing skyward

I will yell - How far? How wide? How high?

I will stand stripped naked to the core

No bells or whistles for this dreamer

Non-clinging, my toes will alight the precipice

Ready to spring into the great abyss

So ready to launch this soul into a wild adventure

Whether it be life – death - nirvana

Do I care?

This is the cusp between living and dying

Between breathing and sighing

The shock of a ragged first breath

The long staggered exhale of a last

Where lingers between an undefinable mist

Of such subtlety, only the blind shall see

In this reverent great nothingness space,

Many have crossed this soul’s path

A who’s who of notoriety

When all the while the most notorious one floated

Nonchalantly amidst the chaos

Neither this, nor that

Welcoming them in and ushering them through

From me to you and you and you


© Copyright 2011 Ajanta


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