The Case of Dad

He’s not bad you know – just paranoid

It’s just a fear that won’t let go

Born into fear - I married a scared person

Scared of others – scared of himself

Scared of his own mind

Lost in anxiety – discontent – agitation

A dissent projected onto others

The external world – all creatures great and small

Manifesting in a continual commentary

On anything animate or inanimate

Monotonous, mundane and subjectively observable

It’s all a matter of narcissistic perception

“I need the black mask! The black mask is up there!”

Impersonal staff

Dealing with their own neuroses

Sparring between their own egos

Doctors wearing masks of self importance

The stuffy antiseptic laden atmosphere

Sitting stagnant

As the misty soft horizontal rain

Floats gently across external buildings

Enveloping the hospital

An alluring freshness against the

Stale air conditioned miasma of a public hospital









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