About Charlie Hebdo

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These extremists are psychopaths masquerading as religious fanatics - do not mistake them for people who care about any human, especially the general Muslim population. This includes Man Haron Monis and anyone who harms innocent people in the name of some out of control fanatical religious belief. Anyone who feels threatened by or, is defensive about other's opinions of their religious beliefs is insecure about their relationship to their idealistic views. The more insecure, the more they act out and at the extreme end will enact revenge and kill.
The psychopath feels no compassion or empathy for their fellow humans.

Policeman Ahmed Merabet was killed as Cherif and Said Kouachi escaped from the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo magazine after having mowed down 11 people inside. Fired on by the attackers, he fell to the ground wounded. One of the two brothers then ran towards him and shot him dead at point-blank range. A Muslim, Merabet was killed at the hands of men who claimed to be acting in the name of his religion.


To read the ABC article: Charlie Hebdo shooting: family of slain French policeman Ahmed Merabet pay tribute to their 'pillar'


Please click this link :  http://ab.co/1ACalUp


Photo c/o: @markmackinnon: 9 News Perth





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