I am carrying this large portmanteau. I am taking it from a building. The building is vaguely familiar. It has obviously been sitting in there a long time and there is urgency for me to remove it. I am aware that the contents are dangerous, there are people who need to be protected – including myself – and I have taken on the responsibility for this risky task. The portmanteau is quite old, covered in dust, covered with the sort of oily grime which settles after years of neglect. When I first pick it up, it is ajar and I catch a glimpse of the contents: paraphernalia, bits and pieces – junk. A musty, dank, fetid mouse poo smell drifts out of the bag and I became aware that there is something malevolent, something very threatening within its contents. I don’t see them but I know it contains spiders. As I carry it outside, I attempt to keep it shut and it is then that I see large coloured poisonous spiders with long shiny black legs trying to push their way out of the bag. They have vertically striped bodies – white, black, cobalt blue, brilliant red and yellow. They seem to grow larger and increase in number. They are venomous, threatening and persistent and I am determined to remove this bag whilst simultaneously attempting to keep the contents from escaping and causing harm. The dream ends.


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