There was an intruder in the house. In the dream I awake to hear footsteps softly padding down the hallway to my bedroom. I am asleep in the therapy room. I am in such a deep sleep that I fight with the sleep in order to wake up. I can hardly drag myself out of the sleep to sit up - it’s like being heavily drugged and immobile. Finally I sit up and know that whoever it is has gone into my bedroom.

I quickly get up, turn the light on - turn the lights on in the hall - in the foyer - and quickly unlatch the front door to escape. Somewhere amidst this, the person realises I am fleeing the house and comes to the front door.

I glance behind to see who it is and it is a woman - a younger woman with black hair who is provocatively dressed in a black corset type set up and fish net stockings. I am both  frightened by her uninvited presence in my house in the middle of the night and allured by her. I double back, look her up and down and ask her, “what the hell are you doing here?”.

The dream ends.


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