I Don't Trust My Sister

This is a family of origin dream.
I’m around the energy of my sister, Sue and my nephew, Stephen.
I’ve intercepted some mail to my sister as I sense she is scheming again and I want to find out what it’s about. I am suspicious of her intentions.
I know it’s not ‘right action’ but I suspect she is up to something sneaky which is detrimental to me so I’ve taken it out of the mail.
I open it and inside is some jewellery that belonged to my father.
Stephen had posted it to her as apparently he had stolen it from my father years ago.
She has found out he has them and has coerced him into handing it over to her.
She has no intention of telling me or, anyone else about it - she wants it for herself.
There are two ring boxes with gold rings inside.
They are both antique and solid gold. One is large and ornate; it almost covers the length of my finger; it is heavy, moulded and engraved with overlapping patterns. (Can’t recall the theme). It is a stunning, unusual ring; one the likes of which I have never seen before.
I wonder why Dad had
that ring - it wasn’t his style; why I never saw it and what it all means.
The other ring is less ornate but it is a substantial cygnet ring with a raised simplified  bird’s head (possibly eagle) raised on the top. The bird has it’s beak open like it is speaking or like birds do when they are thirsty.
I think to myself: “what is Sue up to this time?“ Why does she want these rings and how did she even know
about them?
It’s not that I want them for myself - I have no interest, save for the family of origin connection - they are ugly looking things but loaded with meaning.
Just as I’m sitting there contemplating this, Sue walks in and I scramble around trying to hide them from her.
The house seems to be one of the houses she lived in years ago when I was an adolescent - possibly Boronia or Ferntree Gully.

Gold: nourishment; nurturing
Mail: Message; external influences
Issue: Secrecy, coercion, manipulation, trust
Feeling: Shame, I’m not important or relevant,
Element:: Trust, secrecy



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