Brother Dream

There is a house. It is cream brick. It is on an extremely large piece of land.

It is related to my brother somehow. I walk around and look.

I'm vaguley aware of the presence of my nephews and nieces.

I walk to the front of the house. I remember thinking that it is looking old and worn but still very valuable.

At the front of the house there is a garage. It is full of tools and objects.

I see a very, very large wooden box. I think to myself that it looks like a coffin.

But I realise it isn't - just something my brother has made to keep something in. I see some tools lined up - perhaps three or four different items.

They look like spanners. They are well cared for but old fashioned (dark grey steel - not chrome). I notice that one has fallen out on the ground. I pick it up clean it and put it back.

Then, I am driving in a car.  It is old - my brother is with me. It's night time.

There's lots of traffic. It's like Carlisle Street St.Kilda where I grew up.

There are tram tracks.

I go to move out to avoid a parked car but the steering won't work.

It won't turn right. I clip the parked car and there is a loud bang.

I am worried what my brother is thinking. He seems unperturbed.

I don't stop. I drive on. I comment on the steering but he doesn't answer.

He is preoccupied with something else.

We stop somewhere as he wants to buy something.

We go into some sort of store.

All I can remember is that when he went to pay for whatever it was, a sales assistant told him to walk around the wall to the other side of the store to the cashier.

I saw an opening where we were and thought I would be smart and take a short cut.

It didn't go to the same place. It led somewhere else.

When I finally got back to my brother, he and the sales assistant were standing there commenting on my actions.

I felt embarrassed - a fool - really dumb.

The dream ends.

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