Counselling & Therapy

I can assist you to address complex or, distressing situations and help you develop strategies to alleviate suffering and explore life issues. Counselling, psychotherapy, guidance, advocacy and support are provided in a confidential, nurturing and safe environment. No issue is too great or, too small. 

In this way clients are empowered to find resolution or, acceptance; develop insight; and discover new ways of thinking. We all aspire to be well and happy and I can guide you to live a more content, balanced life. I also consult, advise and when the need arises, provide advocacy and mediation services to clients.

Chat With Ajanta

Online conversation, counselling, therapy and advice is available with Ajanta through Skype or, other mediums.



All sessions are prepaid and individually negotiated dependant upon your needs.


Counselling and therapy is available online or, in person

Develop skills for addressing issues that affect you

Explore issues mindfully in order to reduce suffering

Learn to live a more content, balanced life

Qualified ~ Experienced ~ Confidential