Qualified | Skilled | Insightful | Knowledgeable | Wise




I can assist you in addressing complex or, distressing situations and help you develop strategies to alleviate suffering and explore life issues. 

Counselling, psychotherapy, guidance and support are provided in a confidential, nurturing and safe environment. No issue is too great or, too small be it depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, relationship or family issues. 

In this way clients are empowered to find resolution or, acceptance; develop insight; and discover new ways of thinking. We all aspire to be well and happy and I can guide you to live a more content, balanced life. I also consult, advise and when the need arises, provide advocacy and mediation services to clients.




I assist and support the dying person and their loved ones through the process of dying, decision making and post death arrangements. As an end of life consultant I am a skillful and knowledgeable support, both a loving, friendly, calm and supportive presence for the dying person and family AND a person who can advise, advocate, liaise, organise and mediate throughout this transitional time. To support a person in the process of dying is an act of great intimacy and it is one of great privilege. To ensure that we all have the best possible transition into death and that appropriate arrangements proceed according to the dying person's wishes is a priority.